Deathmaster is the singer in DoomSword, in the band since the very beginning in 1997. During his career Deathmaster has played in many bands including the epic metal act Warhammer (with Mario DeGiovanni of Wotan) (1993 - 1995), Agarthi and Fiurach (1995 - 2001), Gjallarhorn[ITA], as well as having just taken care of the vocals on the new Fury'n'Grace album "Diabolism of Conversation" in quality of guest singer.

Sacred Heart

sacred heart
Alessio "Sacred Heart" Berlaffa is the guitarist in DoomSword, in the band since the summer of 2003, and together with Wrathlord he is the longest standing member of the band.
Alessio is a guitar teacher and an accomplished musician, with years of experience.


Emiliano "Wrathlord" Bertossi is the drummer in DoomSword since 2002. He played all the gigs DoomSword ever played, and has collaborated with countless projects and bands including Agarthi, Fiurach, DoomSword, Gjallarhorn[ITA], Fury'n'Grace, Clothes of Death, Deathraid, and many others.


Christian "Nidhoggr" Grillo is the bass player in DoomSword, and recently replaced Geilt. Christian is an amazing bass player who collaborated with Deathmaster and Wrathlord for the Nordheim CD, as well as being a member of Fury'n'Grace and having participated to projects such as Edge of Forever.